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The GSI Group, LLC is comprised of several manufacturing divisions each dedicated to providing the utmost quality products and services.


Grain Systems (GSI) is the grain storage, drying and material handling division of the GSI Group. GSI is the world’s largest manufacturer of galvanized steel storage bins offering over 1,000 models in flat bottom and hopper bottom styles. GSI also manufactures many types of grain drying systems including portable, stacked, and tower dryers featuring the most technologically advanced, and user-friendly, control systems in the industry. In addition, GSI offers a full line of material handling equipment including augers, bin sweeps, bucket elevators, conveyors, distributors, chain loop systems, and grain spreaders. The ability to choose from such a COMPLETE selection of grain storage, drying and material handling equipment from one manufacturer reduces the compatibility issues, and installation field modifications, one might find using products purchased through multiple manufacturers.

FFI  Zimmerman

Farm Fans Corporation and Zimmerman Company were brought on board in 2001 with their full line of grain dryers, fans, and heaters. Both of these companies were innovators in the grain drying industry well before their involvement with GSI Group. The addition of these two product lines allowed us to combine industry leading designs and quality components, with technologically advanced control systems resulting in grain drying systems unmatched in quality and features.


David Manufacturing Company (DMC) has been a trusted name in the industry for many years focusing primarily on grain handling and in-bin grain drying and conditioning equipment. Several successful product lines became available to GSI Group and its customers through the acquisition of this company including the DMC Grain Flow automatic in-bin continuous flow grain drying system, Calc-U-Dri moisture management, Air Trans-fer system, and Design3/Red Giant Grain Stir-Ators. DMC's success has mainly been due to it's emphasis on product reliability and customer service. Most DMC products continue to be sold today with few changes to their original designs simply due to their history of reliability in the field.


Automated Production Systems (AP), manufactures a wide variety of swine production related equipment including feeders, confinement, feed storage and delivery, ventilation systems (for dairy and horticulture applications as well), heaters, controls and accessories. To be competitive in today's market, durable and reliable equipment that provides optimal results and minimal maintenance is required. AP utilizes the most modern manufacturing machinery and components to achieve this goal including a wide variety of injection molded and extruded plastic items for use in livestock production. These products offer today's modern animal confinement facilities an affordable and corrosion resistant alternative to traditional wood and metal walls, gates and floors.


As with the grain storage, drying and material handling divisions, product diversity and flexibility have been major factors in the growing success of Cumberland, the poultry equipment manufacturing division of GSI Group. Providing poultry production equipment to producers worldwide, Cumberland has the experience and resources to provide for the feeding, watering, feed storage and delivery, ventilation and controls, nesting, and heating needs of poultry production facilities large and small. Built to last, and easy to install and maintain, Cumberland equipment can be found in poultry houses around the world and has proven to be an invaluable element to any high performance, poultry producing operation.