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Dealership Opportunities

Why become a GSI Group dealer? The answer is simple. No other manufacturer offers a more complete line of ag related equipment with as many industry respected brand names such as GSI, DMC, Farm Fans, Zimmerman, Cumberland, and Automated Production Systems. We are a "complete" systems manufacturer so there's little reason for your customers to go anywhere else for the equipment they need.

In addition, you become part of a unique dealership group. A group of hard working, diverse and knowledgeable individuals all striving for a common goal... to operate a successful business and provide their community an avenue for "quality" equipment and service.

The GSI Group offers a competitive price structure, a CO-OP advertising program, and several cost cutting delivery options. We've made an investment in some of today's most modern manufacturing machinery, and combined with our quality controlled cellular organization, we provide products that result in fewer costly installation and service issues. Bi-annual dealer meetings keep you up to date on the latest innovations. And, our new online portal provides you with real time information concerning your orders, shipments, parts currently in stock, and more, all from your web browser! A real convenience for both you and your customers.

If you would consider becoming part of our fine group of dealerships, please e-mail your request to Please include your name, business location, phone, work experience, references, and any other pertinent information. New dealerships will be considered and evaluated on many factors, including how you would best fit into our existing dealership group.