EVS Series Controllers

Precision 2 Bird Scale


The Bird Scale 2 provides early warning on bird health, shipping weight control, vital management information to assess and correct problems, and has many advantages over manual weighings.

When challenged with disease, birds go off feed and water. This drop in daily gain is immediately detected giving you up to 48 hours advance notice of a problem.

  • Reduced medication costs
  • Reduced mortality
  • Minimise the impact on daily gains

Simple and fast push buttons give access to daily or cumulative flock information.

  • Average weight
  • Number of daily weighings are categorized into seven different weight groups. Simply and accurately shows uniformity distribution
  • Standard weight deviation (example: 68% of flock is within 100 grams of average of all birds)
  • Uniformity bandwidth (example: 89% of birds are within the selected uniformity bandwidth)
  • Average daily gain
  • Up to 4 scales can be connected to one Precision control
  • Monitor each bird scale independently and allows calculating the average of many scales
  • Keep flock information in memory up to 125 days
  • When used with the Precision Feed Scale you also get:
    • Daily feed intake
    • Daily and cumulative feed conversion
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